Pancreatic Cancer Pain

ד"ר יעקב לורנס

A clinical trial of radiosurgery to the celiac plexus to overcome pain
An international study to assess the efficacy of a new technique to reduce pain and improve quality of life amongst pancreatic cancer patients suffering from pain.

This clinical trial investigates a unique novel approach in which high-dose radiation (radiosurgery) is focused on the offending nerve bundle (the celiac plexus) in the posterior abdomen.
Preliminary results from a single institution pilot trial are very promising: pain relief is substantial and side effects minimal.

Dr Yaacov Lawrence, principal investigator:
Dr Yaacov Lawrence MA MBBS MRCP graduated from Cambridge University and University College Hospital, London. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Radiation Oncology.
Currently Dr Lawrence leads the Gastro-intestinal program within the Department of Radiation Oncology, Sheba Medical Center and heads the Research Division within the department. Beyond that, he is a Senior Lecturer at Tel Aviv University.

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